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Well, I'm not feeling any better.  And now I feel even worse for feeling bad, when I have no right to.

I had to stop by Peter's today to get my DS and a few things back from him.  It made me a little nervous seeing him, and I felt kind of bad when he hugged me and told me that he was going to miss me.. I honestly didn't know how to reply to that, I just told him that I was sorry.  We kissed one last time.  Then we headed off to the old house to feed the cats, and 'Hold me now' started playing on the radio.. The original version of it, and I started singing it badly, and nearly cried, even though I was laughing.. I hate that.

We headed off to wal-mart to get material for my toga and food and stuff.   When we were in the food area there was this little boy looking at me, and whispering to his mom, and he kept looking at me, and his mom just grinned at me, and I smiled nervously back.. He was probably commenting on my hair... it does look a little wonky.  Then, when we went to check out, I saw that there were Icee's in the front of the store and I was all 'iwantoneiwantoneiwantone' soz, mom let me get one.. and there were like, three little boys in line, and they looked at me. D: WTF, I felt proud in my self in my own little way because I was the only teenager there waiting in line for an Icee. XD
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