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I stayed up until 2 last night watching Loveless on Youtube, I only got to episode 10 before I decided to take off to my room. But, I didn't sleep last night. I didn't feel the least tired. And around 5 AM I drew this.. horrid picture with only colored pencils. XD I'll probably post it here later. When I actually started to feel the fatigue was about 10-11 AM, but I didn't want to sleep, so I endured through it. So I watched the rest of Loveless.. hm, I should really read the mangas more, I prefer mangas, I never get out to buy them though. >: -rly needs job-

oh man, am I getting dizzy, I guess fatigue is coming in again.. It was only one night of no sleep. I don't want to sleep.. whenever it becomes night I seem to get depressed, I don't know why.. I mean, daylight gives me a headache but night makes me sad.

erk.. -eye twitch-

...dude this song pwns.

Edit: Oh man, our power got turned off for like, a couple hours. o_O it sucked, but I just sat on the couch and listened to music, and kinda fell asleep every now and then. xDD Then Leslie comes back with a frostie for me and I'm like 'FUCKING SWEET A FROSTIE' I love them so.. but they do hurt my tummy very bad. D:

Edit #2: K so, my exciteing day... For some reason after a fatigue session I got really hyper and I ran around being stupid, saying random shit, and then I couldn't say Cinderella, I tried like five times then I slid onto the ground and whined. Mom looked at our dog and said 'Shes been snortin' and I was all 'LAWL YEAH' the dog gave me a dirty look. now I'm so worn out I can barely stand up for some reason. yar. GOD THIS SONG IS SO ADDICTIVE

Edit #3!:

WAT TEH FECK. XD sad thing is that I actually thought this looked good when I finished it.  it would have been better if I totally didn't mess up hands, and if I actually drew it in pencil.

WOO GIANT MOUNTAIN DEW TO ... keep me awake again o___o

AND FINALLY, I PROMISE THE LAST EDIT #4:  I started to wonder what I was going to do for Halloween this year.. I'm haveing my doubts on the party, because our house is a little to small for that party, because that usually involved everyone running around being idiots, and being.. loud. The people I associate with are... loud. XD  I thought maybe we could have it at a park or something, yanno, reserve a spot for the night.. but it would be to much work moving all the stuff there. mmmmmrrr.. I dunnoooo... Mommeh says I'm to old for trick o' treatin... I could still do the tricks. >D wahahaha, chase children around... I'd probably worry the parents if I did it in a Willy Wonka costume, I SO WANT TO BE THAT SEXY MAN FOR HALLOWEEN. XD eh, still debateing in my mind who to be.  ahaha, toilet paper peoples houses.. god that would pwn coz there are a lot of expensive homes in this neighborhood.  but, I'm not that inconsiderate.. or mean.. but damn would it be fun. 

Since I'm homeschooled I could probably do things that I couldn't do when I was in regular school.. obviously, dur. 

Ehhhh now I'm wide awake.

I LIED, AHHAHA EDIT #5!: I made my info page thing all pretty. :D
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